Curriculum Writer Job Position

We are looking for a passionate self-motivated, creative curriculum writer to join our team. A successful applicant will be instrumental in the development of an educational resource that has a far-reaching impact on the lives of students across the country.

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Mark Ritterman
Introducing Tangents

We are starting the process of writing additional content called MAPPEN Tangents. Each Tangent will be a collection of optional tasks that address a content area at a year level (e.g. Year 5 Chemistry). Tangents will differ from the existing concept-based learning sequences in that they won’t lead to a culminating task and tasks will have no prerequisites, which means that teachers will be able to pick and choose tasks.

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NewsMark Ritterman
Highlights from 'Raising The Bar'

Raising The Bar was attended by principals and teachers from across Sydney. Danny Ritterman, CEO of Grossard Education introduced the conversation, “This is a unique opportunity to hear varying perspectives on the state of education in this country.” During this event, Danny Ritterman launched the NSW Version of MAPPEN.

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MediaMark Ritterman