What teachers have to say about MAPPEN.

Principals in schools using MAPPEN across Foundation through to Year 6 can be confident that the most consistent, rich and engaging curriculum in the nation is being delivered in every classroom.
— Dennis Yarrington / President of APPA
Teachers’ core business is to teach. MAPPEN allows them the freedom to do that.
— Julie Wilkinson / Principal, Solway Primary School
MAPPEN has reduced teacher workload by effectively integrating NSW curriculum outcomes across several Key Learning Areas. This has been critical for us because we are an Early Action For Success School with three Instructional Leaders in place. That reform alone has had a huge impact on teacher workload and capacity to deliver all required curriculum content in the given time. MAPPEN has eased the programming and assessment burden for my teachers while at the same time providing engaging quality learning experiences.
— Cheryl Binns / Principal Cambridge Park Public School
Staff feel more confident that they are covering a range of curriculum areas over the two-year scope and sequence through units that are highly engaging and future-focused. Teachers at our school now are spending lesson time on planning and have more time to focus on meeting the specific needs of students in their class.
— Emma Dodds / Assistant Principal, Lewisham Public School
My teachers are living your work and I am loving your work and the kids are loving the work they are doing.
— Michelle Liddle / Principal, Chelsea Primary School
MAPPEN raises teacher capacity, embeds rich learning tasks and ensures the curriculum is being covered, all while saving our teachers time.
— Katie Penhalluriack / Learning and Teaching Coordinator and Literacy Coach, Alexandra Primary School
We notice when we think now. We didn’t before.
— Jack B / Year 3 student