Meet the team

MAPPEN is developed by the team at Grossard Education, a small Australian based education business led by educational consultants Karen Green and Amanda McCallum along with teacher Mark Ritterman and web developer Danny Ritterman.


Danny Ritterman

Danny Ritterman is a co-founder of MAPPEN and the CEO. As our web coder, he is responsible for making updates and fixing any issues on the website. Beyond this he is responsible for paying the bills and thinking about the business side of things.

If you have a question about an invoice or a subscription, you can email Danny at or follow him @dritterman on twitter.

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Mark Ritterman

Mark Ritterman is a co-founder of MAPPEN and the head of product development and marketing. Mark is responsible for updating curriculum and professional learning components in MAPPEN. His role relies on the feedback from teachers using the product in their classroom.

If you have any questions or comments about the curriculum or professional learning included in MAPPEN, you can email mark at or follow @markritterman.

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Amanda McCallum

Amanda McCallum is a co-founder of MAPPEN and the Head of Customer Success.

Following a multi faceted career life, including 10 years as an Army officer and a range of management positions, Amanda completed her Bachelor of Education in 1994. Shen then taught in primary schools through until 2005 with her final teaching position being Leading Teacher for Cultural Change. Working alongside Karen Green as an Educational Consultant, Amanda is passionate about enhancing teacher capacity in order to develop autonomous students who can experience success in all facets of their lives.

If you would like to discuss how to implement MAPPEN in your school, you can email Amanda at or follow @AmandaMappen

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Karen Green

Karen Green is a co-founder of MAPPEN. 

Karen started an educational consultancy in 2001 after working in a range of teaching and administrative roles. Karen’s work initially focused on providing support for teachers in the area of curriculum provision for gifted students. This soon expanded to assisting teachers in both primary and secondary schools to plan curriculum across all subject areas. Karen is passionate about providing quality support to teachers so they can, in turn, provide the best possible learning environment and experiences for their students.

Educational Consultants

Our team of consultants are available to speak with you about how MAPPEN can be implemented in your school.


Ken NorRIs - Melbourne

Ken has over thirty years experience in sales and Sales Management. He has enjoyed helping people improve their lives with positive sales training input and helped thousands with a honest down to earth approach.

The three main ingredients for professional success are; people, product, and the company.



Amanda tan - Melbourne

With a wealth of experience as a primary classroom teacher, Amanda is driven to inspire and nurture the inherent sense of inquiry in young people. After teaching in a MAPPEN classroom and experiencing the program first-hand, she now supports school leaders and teachers to implement the curriculum and benefit from the built-in professional learning.



Andy Hogan

Andy Hogan - Sydney

A Sydney boy through and through, Andy started his professional career as a primary school teacher. After a number of years of teaching at various schools throughout Sydney, he decided to enter the world of sales, and his adventure with MAPPEN began in August 2017. Andy's outgoing personality and love for presenting makes him an active member of the MAPPEN team.


Twitter: @andyh_mappen


Lyall Humphreys

Lyall Humphreys- Sydney

With a background in business development and sales across a range of industries, Lyall found his niche through combining his passion for great product and education through working in the early education sector. Study in Psychology and volunteer work in mental health has developed Lyall's appreciation for the stresses and developmental challenges of contemporary education, and made him a passionate advocate for ensuring quality educational resources and learning methodologies are available to both school leaders and teachers.


Kathy Sant'Ana

Kathy Sant’Ana - Perth

Kathy brings a wealth of experience from the world of management consulting... Specialising in transforming culture and employee engagement. At MAPPEN she combines her passion for people with her love for children, by helping school leaders and teachers. "Only highly engaged teachers with the capacity to teach to students' individual needs, can provide the types of learning experiences that truly engage our kids.