Just In Time Professional Learning

MAPPEN is more than a curriculum resource, it is a just-in-time professional learning platform. Professional learning videos explaining the benefits of a teaching strategy are embedded alongside lesson plans, providing teachers with a link between theory and practice. Some of the professional learning available to MAPPEN teachers includes:

  • Concept based learning
  • Random groupings
  • Reflection practise
  • How to use rubrics
  • Guided inquiry
  • Student inquiry
  • Cooperative learning
  • Cooperative skills

BUILDING Professional Learning teams

Teams of teachers can read a MAPPEN unit and watch associated professional learning videos together. They can discuss how they will implement teaching strategies and use common language in collegial conversations.. 

Professional Learning Log

After a teacher has delivered a MAPPEN task, they can add a reflection to their Professional Learning Log, thereby satisfying registration requirements. Professional Learning Log entries can also be used for individual teacher appraisal.


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