The secret life of a graduate teacher

The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article about the rate in which graduate teachers are quitting the profession; one in five new teachers are leaving teaching within five years. This is a sad statistic, but one that doesn’t surprise me. During my first year of teaching, I would come home from school and go straight to sleep. While I enjoyed many of the aspects of teaching, the constant stream of lesson preparations, report writing and learning the school’s processes wore me down. This article shows that my story isn’t a unique one. Graduate teachers need practical support, beyond what they are getting in professional learning, and beyond what they are getting at university.

One way to support teachers is to lighten their load in developing curriculum. Rather than spending countless hours reinventing the proverbial wheel, why not provide teachers with curriculum that they can adapt? At MAPPEN our goal is to lighten the load for all teachers and to enrich the lives of their students by allowing them to focus on teaching, rather than writing curriculum.

If you missed the article here it is; let me know what you think;

Mark Ritterman Product Development