Feedback is Everything

As educators, we know how important it is to give and receive feedback in the classroom, and we think feedback from teachers using MAPPEN is an essential to the success and longevity of the program.

Unlike printed resources, the online nature of MAPPEN allows us to be responsive to suggestions and to make almost instantaneous updates to the curriculum. But the importance of feedback to us is more than features of the application, it is an essential part of improving the content and the resources.

We recently hosted two face-to-face workshops with the purpose of hearing first-hand the experience of being a MAPPEN teacher. The workshops at Boroondara Park Primary School were attended by teachers and school leaders representing five schools currently implementing MAPPEN. From the first few minutes of the workshops, the power of MAPPEN was apparent when teachers from different schools were able to share their experiences and collaborate to provide feedback on the curriculum. School leaders who attended the workshops also shared their experiences, providing the team with some valuable suggestions for how to make it easier for new schools to implement MAPPEN.

A huge thank you to Boroondara Park Primary School for the use of their facilities. The product development team will be meeting soon to go through the comprehensive feedback and suggestions generated from these workshops, and we will keep the MAPPEN community updated with planned changes.

EventMark Ritterman