Introducing Tangents

We are starting the process of writing additional content called MAPPEN Tangents. Each Tangent will be a collection of optional tasks that address a content area at a year level (e.g. Year 5 Chemistry). Tangents will differ from the existing concept-based learning sequences in that they won’t lead to a culminating task and tasks will have no prerequisites, which means that teachers will be able to pick and choose tasks.

Our hope is that classroom and specialist teachers will select appropriate tasks from a Tangent to deliver alongside the existing concept-based integrated learning sequences. They will provide teachers with more opportunities for assessment and reporting on key learning areas.

Our immediate plan is to focus on Science, by developing a Tangent addressing Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space, and Physics at each year level, with a longer-term plan to create Tangents for other learning areas. We have just published a sample Tangent for Year 5 Chemistry for your feedback.

To access these Tangents, login into MAPPEN, and click on ‘Tangents’ in the left-hand navigation.

Once we have received and considered feedback from teachers and school leaders, we will be able to provide a clearer timeline of the publication of this content.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest specific task ideas, please email

NewsMark Ritterman